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Hadi Choopan — «THE PERSIAN WOLF» — Olympia 2018

На 99,99% Hadi Choopan мимо Олимпии… Виза… Дональд Трамп, новое законодательство для… адвокаты… Процесс затянулся.

Hadi Choopan:

To all my friends and fans around the world,
I am pleased to say special thanks to my one and only one amazing pro trainer Hany Rambod for all of his great supports until now.

my brother Flex Lewis which I am pretty sure will present a great show for audiences and wish him the best of luck!

A great thanks to the president of IFBB PRO LEAGUE Mr.Jim Manion. IFBB is where all of us; pro bodybuilders, get the genuinity of our profession from and I have special respect for them.
With the great support of my sponsor and my management team, through hiring a professional lawyer for US visa ,currently my visa application is on process and due to the Travel Ban for Iranian citizens it takes longer than usual and obviously the entire process has nothing to do with anyone or organization and it’s all base on the US Immigration decision.

I am confident the future is mine.

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