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2018 IFBB Nordic Elite Pro Championship

5 — 7 октября 2018 года, Финляндия. BODYBUILDING OPEN · 7.000 €, BODYBUILDING UP TO 90 Kg · 7.000 €, MEN’S PHYSIQUE · 4.000 €, BIKINI · 4.000 €, BODYFITNESS · 4.000 €.

K.P. Ourama, Executive Council Member, Research & Development в IFBB Official:

7 weeks to Nordic Fitness Expo! IFBB Nordic Cup will be much bigger than it was last two years. So, changing competition’s name was just a cosmetic thing. Actually, changing name to IFBB Nordic Cup is now on the line of our other events like Nordic Fitness Expo and IFBB Nordic Pro. We have the same logo on all these three events because they are one big event! We are expecting 30 countries all over the World coming to IFBB Nordic Cup and hundreds of competitors.

Presidents of the Federations: Please send us the Entry Form as soon as possible, so we can do better arrangements and production of the event!

IFBB Nordic Pro is doing better than years! We have over 30 competitors already and more pros are pouring in! Categories will be Bodybuilding open, Bodybuilding under 90 kg, Men’s physique, Bikini Fitness and Body Fitness. I think we will have the best line up after Arnold Classic!!!
Competitors attention: just send me an email to and I will contact you about the pro show! As soon as I get your all together I can send you some information about the event.

If you are planning to see Nordic Fitness Expo and the competitions, this year we blow your head to the space! The schedule is so intense that you can feel the excitement when you are there! Our trade show (EXPO) will be one to just see this year. We are one of the biggest bodybuilding and fitness competition and expos in Europe! We have three stages full of activities and very large expo!

I’m very proud of our National Championships too! It might raise a great interest among people who comes from outside Finland, but I can tell our competitors and many of them, are in high International level. I expect a very good success many of them, especially at the IFBB Nordic Cup, when they are in their home turf. 300 competitors in our Nationals compared to 209 what we see last year. What it tells about popularity in fitness and physique sports? And I do have some very good information coming in the next few weeks for the Finnish competitors. Just wait.

I wait very much to see all you competitors coming together in one weekend to Nordic Fitness Expo. Not forget that huge 20.000 people who are supporting us by coming here year and year and supporting our sports!

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